Mobile App Development - Andriod & iOS

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Why Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

If you are a mobile app developer, then you will be an Android developer, Windows developer or an iOS app developer or if you are about to start your career in the mobile development field, then you have to choose the platform; you are working in the near future. In these situations, you are going to target a single platform. You have to choose your development platform, which is one of the most difficult tasks.

Thus, are you going to choose one of these platforms for development? Or do you want to become a GURU in mobile app development by targeting all these Applications by writing a single code?

This seems to be funny if you are not familiar with Xamarin forms.

f you want to target all these platforms, then you don’t have to learn all of these languages, tools and frameworks but Xamarin forms alone are enough to do this task.

You only need to learn XAML and C# for this.

Xamarin apps are fully native, so in Xamarin; you can enjoy fully native performance with the shared code.

Another question arises here which is  how Xamarin gives native performance without using native development tools and language?

Xamarin gives 100% Android and iOS native APIs coverage with the benefit of .NET APIs. Due to this Xamarin provides native performance with a native look and feel of your mobile Application.


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