Full-Stack .NET Development

A rigorous curriculum to take you from beginner to professional and land you a job as a full-stack .net developer.

Why Full-Stack .Net Development?

Full-stack .net developers are efficient in both the front and back end of mobile and web applications. As a full stack developer, it will be your responsibility to formulate attractive and appealing web applications for your employer/clients.

A full stack .net developer also helps in getting potential customers from the online domain by providing an efficient and appealing website.

Companies and businesses need professionals who can handle multitasking because it reduces the cost in comparison to hiring multiple developers. Therefore, there are more chances of getting a bright job and career in the software or tech industry as a full stack .net developer.

At Code360, we train our full stack developers to have the ability to switch between front end and back end development according to the requirements of projects.

Tuition Options

Upfront Payment

(50% upfront)

Income Sharing Agreement

No upfront payment
20% of monthly income capped at N1,500,000


You'll need to have a genuine interest in tech and coding and be extremely motivated. The course moves very quickly. While we work tirelessly to make sure you don't fall behind, your engagement is key. It's important that you've had some introduction to coding hence, successful completion of  prework is mandatory.

Yes! In fact, many of our students have computer science degrees. During the course, you'll not only learn to code, but you'll also learn to use professional tools like Azure and the workflows that many startups and software companies are using. Additionally, you'll learn software development best practices, SOLID principles, and other technologies.

We need you 100% dedicated to the course, so, unfortunately, you won't be able to work and juggle other responsibilities during the 16 weeks of your bootcamp